Become an Investor

Investing in the ABC Fund helps support farmer organizations, agribusiness SMEs and financial intermediaries to ultimately improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers, with a strong focus on women and youth, and promote sustainable agriculture in low- and middle-income countries.

Investment Opportunities

Tranche Tenor Investor type
Senior (A) 3-5 years Private Investor, HNWI, PRIs, Banks
Mezzanines Shares (B) 10 years Impact Investors, DFIs, Foundations, PRIs
First loss equity (C) N/A Donors, Philanthopy

Our triple de-risking strategy

First Loss Tranche

The first loss capital will de-risk portfolio investments by absorbing losses (i.e. credit event and/or currency loss) that would otherwise impact the Fund's ability to pay out expected returns

Technical Assistance

The availability of a robust Technical Assistance Facility will also address major capacity constraints of both investees and financial intermediaries

Risk Sharing

Co-financing and risk-sharing from local financial service provides as part of the financial intermediation process

Our Fundraising Targets

  • The ABC Fund was launched as an “impact first fund”, with the initial commitment of €50 million in grant funding as first-loss equity.
  • The Fund is geared to attract more first-loss, senior and mezzanine shares for a total of €150 million, leveraging indicatively three times the amount of the initial grant funding and reaching €200 million.
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